What is High Performance Computing?


High performance computing is a relatively new term, but the actual concept has been in existence for several decades. It typically refers to the practice of combining computing power, such that it provides higher performance than could be found in an average desktop computer. In effect, a supercomputer is created. Readers of this blog will discover how it relates to the industries of business, engineering and science. In addition, fascinating articles written by experts will focus on computational barriers and how to overcome them, introducing nodes and processors and other topics of interest to visitors.

Supercomputers and eSports

26 Mar 2022

You may not actually realize that there is a connection between High-Performance Computing and eSports. However, to create the arenas typically seen in these games requires the use of advanced modeling technology. This began with the launch of the Deep Blue supercomputer that was capable of beating chess masters.

When Were Supercomputers First Used?

15 Feb 2022

You may actually be surprised to learn that the word supercomputer, also known as High-Performance Computing, was first used in the 1920s. However, the first real examples of working supercomputers did not appear until the 1960s. As the technology evolved, their processing speeds began to set new records.

What Are Supercomputers Used For?

8 Jan 2022

Also known as High-Performance Computers, a supercomputer can be used for many tasks, once thought impossible. Some applications include testing mathematical models, accurately predicting the weather, and the study of nuclear weapons and chemical compounds. In addition, their breakneck processing speeds make them indispensable in a laboratory setting.

What is a Supercomputer?

5 Dec 2021

For those unfamiliar with the concept of supercomputers, in essence, they are simply thousands of different processors all connected together. This allows the supercomputer to attain incredible processing speeds. Typically they are used for Artificial Intelligence applications, and the world's fastest supercomputer is in the United States.